Royal Dragon


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this song's about being strong
although i haven't been strong enough to sing along
so all i can vocalize to you
is what i originally viewed
this song's about spiders with skinny fists
in which i haven't believed lately because of the risk
to tell you the truth, its also about fighting
but, although im hesitant to say, im a pacifist

but if the fightings inside i guess its ok
when its just an illustration of a royal display
of kings and monsters and pterradactyls
and sea creatures dreaming about fractals
and royal dragon sits at the top
flying through marker clouds
ghosts are playing with a box
they are happy
i am happy

everybodys having adventures
doing whatever they want
the dungeons remind them of caterpillars
they all sit and watch and listen
white white skeletons watch the rain
that is glowing and burning pink
they wish that they had blood

royal dragon your the star of many poems
one line poems are the most honest
the young mans voice
he doesnt care
hes having fun
and life isnt all that bad
so ask me a question
were most of your stars out
were you busy singing your heart out

and maybe sometimes i'll feel lonely
thinking books are pretty doesn't make you money
and drawing valiant creatures with wings
doesnt accomplish anything
and acting silly might feel good
especially when your understood
but sometimes you'll stand next to someone
you might feel strange
you might feel dumb

everything is still when you come close to being content
but the stillness is not comforting
you think why keep on living if everythings done
the more you accept the less is left but
life is still exciting
when you keep on trying and
trust that its worth it

royal dragon and mosquito mummy are friends
they're friends until the end
royal dragon helps mosquito mummy when
his bandages become undone
thhey are both very old and
they are both very happy
but sometimes mosquito mummy
is grumpy


from BLACKBLACK, released January 31, 2006



all rights reserved


BLACKBLACK Los Angeles, California

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